BeerNav Friday Happier Hour – March 25, 2022

Rudy’s Happier Hour Pick of the Week – Friday, March 25, 2022.

Hey friend, its me Rudy again. Well congrats, we both finally made it to Friday, and its about that time of the the day to start getting after some beers. I’ve been looking forward to a cold one all day as my owner toted me around all afternoon to his brewery meetings in Seattle. Anyways, my pick for the week, and what I’ll be drinking all weekend long is Wheelie Pop Parabolica IPA. This is a new Wheelie Pop release and I’m loving it. Go pick some up for yourselves at the Wheelie Pop brewery in Ballard. Cheers!

About Parabolica IPA:

Style: American IPA / ABV: 6.7% / IBU: 44

Parabolica you say? No, this is not some obscure geometric term, and your 9th grade math teacher isn’t going to show up to terrorize you with a pop quiz! Parabolica is our newest IPA, which is of the west coast variety. Clear and light to medium bodied, it has a crisp and clean malt bill, a moderate bitterness, and is loaded with berry, tangerine, passion fruit, and pine resin flavors and aromas courtesy of the Mosaic, Simcoe, and Idaho 7 hops. You won’t be able to have just one! What, you’re still wondering about the weird name? We named it after an iconic corner at the legendary Monza race track in Italy.

About Wheelie Pop Brewing

We create innovative, flavorful, and inviting beers. The majority of our grains and hops are North American grown, with a preference for those produced in the Pacific Northwest. Regardless of European, English, or American beer style, we select and blend these high-quality, local ingredients to achieve our flavor profiles. And while we love the Old World malts and hops, we’re committed to using local ingredients in an effort to make our business as sustainable as possible.