Compliance with WA State Liquor Laws

BeerNav, LLC is not a brewery entity, rather we are a marketing company. We do not produce alcohol, we do not sell alcohol, we do not distribute alcohol, nor do we advertise alcohol. BeerNav, LLC is a local Washington small business that sells a printed, tangible guidebook that showcases and supports the Washington craft breweries that partner with us. BeerNav, LLC is not responsible for any laws broken by alcohol serving establishments, such as a brewery, nor is it responsible for any laws broken at an establishment by its employees, or its customers. 

Advertising and Licensure
BeerNav, LLC, and all related products with “BeerNav” in their name, comply with Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) laws and regulations. As per WSLCB laws and regulations, BeerNav, LLC (herein referred to as “we”, “us”, “BeerNav” and “the Company”) does not sell, exchange, barter, traffic, supply, or distribute alcohol of any kind by any means to any party of any nature for any reason. Furthermore, we do not “advertise” alcohol or alcoholic beverages. Establishments, such a brewery, are expected to obey all laws and regulations regarding alcohol and the consumption of alcohol. 

BeerNav is not a brewery entity. We do not brew beer. We are not an alcohol seller, or reseller. We do not make, create, distribute, give away, hold inventory of, barter, exchange, traffic, supply, advertise, or dispense alcohol of any kind to any entity for any reason at all. No exceptions. We are a marketing company that specializes in promoting and supporting the craft breweries themselves in Washington State that partner with us. 

With regards to digital marketing and digital platforms, similar to any other website or magazine that covers brewery or winery related news and information, we selectively post content on the BeerNav blog or on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook relating to our brewery partners. Any party, including marketing companies, is permitted to publish or post content on these types of media platforms as they see fit, so long as the content complies with the given digital platform’s rules and regulations. We may post or write about specific offerings being made available from our brewery partners, but we do not advertise beer on their behalf. We are bound to act within the rules and regulations of the digital platforms that we engage and therefore we cannot and do not “advertise” alcohol, because those platforms will not and cannot ever approve or allow the posting of alcohol related advertisements. We have no intention of advertising alcohol or otherwise circumventing any laws in order to advertise alcohol. We do not claim to advertise alcohol. We act within platform guidelines and post content about the breweries that partner with BeerNav, and publish or re-post content that originated from these breweries. 

Promotional Offers and/or Discounts related to guidebook/passport purchase(s)
Each guidebook comes with a list of breweries that have agreed in good faith to provide BeerNav guidebook holders pre-disclosed promotional offers at their own establishments upon being shown the guidebook at the given establishment. Breweries are not required to fulfill the promotional offers, and can choose not to for any given reason at their own discretion. BeerNav, LLC does not and cannot fulfill any promotional offers. The breweries are solely responsible for providing the promotional offers, therefore, BeerNav does not and cannot provide any patron a promotional offer on alcohol. Breweries are responsible for checking and verifying the age of their patrons. Having a BeerNav guidebook does not guarantee entry into any particular establishment. Patrons are required to provide proof of age when asked by each establishment if they are purchasing alcohol or any items requiring proof of age. Purchasing a BeerNav guidebook does not guarantee that any given patron will receive alcohol, nor do we make any claims that any party or entity will receive alcohol based on purchasing a BeerNav guidebook. 

Promotional offers and/or “discounts” are chosen and selected by each brewery partner that we work with at the time they signed-up with BeerNav via our website. BeerNav DOES NOT contain any offers relating in any way to giving away alcohol, free alcohol, alcohol as a prize or gift, or the barter of alcohol. 

Health Claims
BeerNav does not make, nor contain any content, about making health claims of any sorts. Alcohol is an intoxicating beverage that is documented and known to affect a persons health, judgement and motor skills. Consuming alcohol can result in death if not consumed responsibly. Alcohol is not part of a healthy diet nor does alcohol cure, treat, or prevent any physical or psychological diseases or ailments. BeerNav will never, and has never, made any positive health claims about alcohol. 

BeerNav’s Product
BeerNav’s product is a tangible, printed Washington brewery guidebook. The BeerNav guidebook is sold and used as a printed good. Customers purchase the BeerNav guidebook using our website.  Upon receipt of their guidebook via the US Postal Service, the customer has the opportunity to use the maps, recommended routes, and brewery amenity key to help identify the right brewery for themselves that particular day.  The customer also has the opportunity to redeem the promotional offerings provided by our brewery partners should they choose to do so.  

Customer behaviors and expectations
BeerNav, LLC does not, has not, and will not encourage consumption of alcohol to those under the age of twenty-one (21), the legal age for alcohol consumption. Persons of legal drinking age may determine for themselves whether or not they are fit, able, and willing to consume alcoholic beverages by their own choosing. We are not responsible for the decisions made by any persons to consume or not to consume alcoholic beverages. We do not encourage, and will never encourage, any irresponsible or law-breaking action, including but not limited to the irresponsible drinking of alcohol. Please drink responsibly. 

Purchasing a BeerNav guidebook does not guarantee that the buyer is of legal drinking age, nor does it guarantee that the customer will be served alcohol. We do not and cannot reasonably check licenses upon purchases made via our website, and are not required to do so for printed goods. We do not make any claims about customers being guaranteed entry into any establishment, or being served alcohol at all from any given establishment. All establishments have the right to refuse entry and service to anyone at their sole discretion based on applicable law. BeerNav guidebooks are sold under the assumption that our customers are aware that the guidebook does not guarantee alcohol from any entity for any reason. The establishments that appear in the guidebook are solely responsible for checking each patrons ID for proof of age, and the guidebook holder is responsible for providing proof of age verification when requested at each establishment. We are not responsible for the actions of any patron or user of the BeerNav guidebook, the actions of any persons from any given establishment, including employees of said given establishment, nor are we responsible for guests of patrons, or any attendee of any given establishment.

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