BeerNav Launches Tomorrow, March 4

BeerNav is Ready for Brewery Partner Signups

We are excited to announce that BeerNav is officially ready to start accepting brewery partner sign-ups as of Friday, March 4. The BeerNav team has been hard at work to get us to this point, and cannot wait to start working with you. 
If you are a Washington brewery in any of our operating regions (Seattle Metro, North Sound, South Sound), lets talk!
Our plan is to onboard at least 50+ brewery partners between March 4 and June 10.  Following that, release the guide books for initial sale on June 24, and open it up for use on July 1 (just in time for the holiday weekend). We will always continue to add new brewery partners and add them into BeerNav, so don’t worry if you didn’t get the memo in time.
Please reach out to us with any questions via email at, the contact form on our website, or social media.  We are on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.